Benefit Advisors Network

Sonus Benefits is proud to leverage our membership in the Benefit Advisors Network (BAN) to bring you, your company, and your employees, the absolute best in benefits solutions. We have the honor of being one of the select few members of BAN in Missouri and, as a result, we are your most valuable local resource for crafting comprehensive benefits solutions at competitive prices.

Being a part of BAN gives our company access to the experiences, resources, and wisdom that has already benefited over 10,000 employer groups and covering an estimated 8.5 million employees. At Sonus Benefits, our size and community center gives us the opportunity to focus on what is really important, you and your business. Our involvement with BAN allows us additional access to the best in class strategies, wisdom, and efficiencies of firms around the nation. We are able to work with the added influence and power of a national benefits company, but not at the cost of our signature personalized service.

Learn more about our BAN partners and how Sonus Benefits uses our BAN membership to your advantage here.