Employee Benefits

The goal of the Sonus Benefits team is to simplify your business health. We develop and manage a comprehensive, long-term employee benefits strategy that is custom tailored to suit your specific needs. By taking careful inventory of where your company has been, where it is now, and where you want it to go, we are able to draw from our wide breadth of expertise to offer you an employee benefits solution that aligns with your goals at a competitive price. We will work together to explore the best method to ensure the health of your business while giving you access to a multitude of valuable resources.

Some of the services Sonus Benefits proudly provides include:

Employee Benefits Consulting:
  • Over 100 years of experience at your disposal
  • Access to a variety of service providers
  • Custom tailored solutions

Web Based Solutions:
  • Instant and easy access 24/7
  • Your privacy is fully protected
  • Eliminates need for costly paper enrollment

Benefits Advisors Network:
  • National reach with a local understanding
  • One of select few Missouri members
  • Access to countless resources

Wellness Programs:
  • HealthyStart™ Membership
  • Unlimited access to WellCall.com
  • Genuine concern for your health and wellness

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  • Access to a premiere Compliance Team
  • Comprehensive compliance education
  • Protection for your company

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