Sonus Benefits by MSMF offers you more than a benefits strategy. We supply you with a comprehensive partnership geared, in every aspect, towards assessing and satisfying your needs.

Our competitive advantage is teamwork. As a client of Sonus Benefits you will become a member of our team. A dedicated team whose sole purpose is to leverage our expertise and network of resources to benefit you.  Together, we possess the insight to expertly assess and understand your unique needs and the power to help you realize your vision of a benefits strategy that is cost effective, long-lasting, and all-encompassing. You provide us with a deeper understanding of your expectations and desires, we offer you the knowledge and resources to achieve your goals.

There are many components to an benefits strategy and Sonus Benefits chooses to focus on two specific strategic elements to achieve the greatest results for you. We constantly keep sight of all of the potential possibilities and pitfalls that may influence the success of your partnership with us. Our goal is to always be aware of what is best for you and your unique situation. We also navigate the complex terrain of employee benefits in a way that simplifies your personal and business health. We will be your guide as we design, implement, and manage a custom tailored benefit program.

Above all else, our partnership will be defined by unparalleled professionalism. Sonus Benefits is a member of the Benefit Advisor’s Network, a network of nationally credentialed benefit advisors, that will give you access to the right solutions at the most competitive prices. We conduct a high-volume of business with a variety of major carriers, allowing us the opportunity to construct cost effective solutions for any industry or situation in a way our competitors cannot.

Sonus Benefits, where Our Difference is You.