Wellness Program

Your business health can oftentimes be dependent upon the health of your most valuable assets, your employees. When you work with Sonus Benefits to develop and manage a long-term benefits strategy, the partnership you create with us results in your employees becoming our clients too. In honor of fully protecting all of the individuals that our benefits strategies impact, we have developed a partnership with WellCall©, one of the nation’s most trusted wellness providers.

Working with WellCall©, affords us the opportunity to offer our clients membership in our exclusive HealthyStart™ program.

HealthyStart™ is a core wellness program that provides assistance and support in areas that historically exact large costs from both employees and employers. This preventative program encourages personal initiative and communication in conjunction with access to one-on-one individualized health coaching.
Coaching, education, and referrals are available in numerous areas, including:

  • Nutrition and weight
  • Quitting smoking
  • Fitness and exercise
  • Stress management
  • Chronic condition management
  • …and more!

Membership in the program also gives unlimited access to The members-only section of the WellCall.com website, which includes several proprietary tools and trackers, as well as access to instant messaging with health coaches.
Other benefits include:

  • Educational materials
  • Discount to National gym memberships
  • and Monthly newsletters

The HealthyStart™ program presents the opportunity for members and their families to take control of their health and wellness future, giving the tools and support to succeed. The program also offers comprehensive data and metric reporting, letting clients know how services are being used. With regular, meaningful communication, WellCall© helps ensure that the program is implemented in a way that meets your goals and objectives and simplifies your business’ health in true Sonus Benefits fashion.