Leadership + Management | By Scott Schulte,

When it Comes to Your Business, There’s No Such Thing as Small Stuff

Don’t sweat the small stuff is great advice. As long as you’re not running a business.

Because if there’s one thing most business owners can agree on, it’s that details matter. You’d never ignore a tiny little accounting error. Or a tiny little hiring error. Or a tiny little compliance error. Because really, there’s no such thing.

Take apostrophes, for example. A lot of people have trouble using them correctly, which is understandable. Honestly, they’re a little confusing. But what’s not okay is thinking that a tiny little punctuation mark couldn’t possibly affect your business.

The truth is, when it comes to your brand, everything matters.


Yes. Everything.

And while poor punctuation may not literally cause your business to shut down, it can definitely cause you to lose some credibility.

In reality, plenty of people may be more than willing to head on over to Bob’s Best Burger’s, despite the extraneous apostrophe. I mean, really. What’s the worst that could happen? If they’re prone to throwing in things that don’t belong, maybe you’ll get a few extra fries in your basket!

But if you’re a serious customer looking for a serious professional you can trust, you’re not going to be as easy going. Far fewer people will risk handing their legal issues over to Brain & Brain Expert Lawyer’s. Or engage a high-end consulting company marketing to Fortune 500 CEO’s.

Why? Because customer satisfaction lies in the details. If they can’t trust you to get your signage, your marketing, or your even your own name right, why on earth would they trust you to handle the things that matter most to them?

It’s really quite simple

It’s not necessarily about potential customers being overly-judgmental. Sure, there may be an occasional grammar snob who enjoys sneering at your business card with disdain. But for most of us, it’s much less complicated.

It’s all about trust. Or lack of it.

The fact that virtually all punctuation fixes (not fix’s) are a quick Google search away isn’t helping you build credibility. There’s an easy solution available, but you’ve obviously chosen not to invest the 30 seconds it would take to find it. So why should your potential client think for even one second that you’ll go the extra mile for them?

Detail’s matter

See what just happened there? You’re losing confidence right this very second, aren’t you?

The main point here is that details really do matter. Something you think shouldn’t make a difference might just be a deal breaker for one of your clients. As a business, it’s important for you to pay attention to the little things. Ignoring “tiny” mistakes will eventually reflect poorly on both you and your business.

Invest in your processes and put your best foot forward. Your team, your team’s teams, and your team’s teams’ teams are all depending on you.

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