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Navigating The Affordable Care Act

The business world is not always easy; in fact, it can be downright stressful. The recent changes to health care are certainly not helping the stress factor. Choosing a health care plan that benefits your business and your employees can be frustrating and even a bit confusing.

The Affordable Care Act was touted as “Putting consumers back in charge of their health care”. The question is, did it? On the surface the ACA sounds really great and it does have advantages. The problem is knowing exactly what it provides for businesses like yours.

One recent problem the ACA seems to not be addressing is mental health benefits. One reason this is a problem is that many mental health professionals do not accept insurance, forcing patients to pay out of pocket for care.

This and other ACA concerns are why we diligently do our homework, so to speak. We keep up to date on all the latest ACA and health insurance news, policies and regulations. It is our job to cut through the red tape so you don’t have to.

Here at Sonus Benefits, the goal is to help our clients figure out the right health benefits package for their businesses. Each business is different and may not fall neatly into a pre-made package. We understand that you need a package that encompasses the things that matter to your business and your employees.

Sonus Benefits offers:

  • Over 100+ combined years of experience in health benefits consultation
  • You-driven service
  • Expert advice on the ACA and its legalities
  • Benefits Advisor’s Network (BAN)
  • Long term solutions without outsourcing

Our team of experts work with you to come up with solutions that are long term. We are not interested in a so-called quick fix. We want our clients taken care of now and in the future. Our clients do not have to worry about outsourcing because we take care of them right here.

That really is an important thing, right? The knowledge that you are not just a case number–you have names and faces and real time concerns. We work with you, not around or over you. Whether you have questions about current ACA policies or finding a local dentist, we are here for you.

What this all means is that we take the guess work and, with a little luck, the frustration out of choosing the right health benefits package. We put all of our knowledge and effort into eliminating one stressful aspect of your business. You can count on us for current information and friendly service.

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