Kasey Hummel

Client Relationship Manager

Get to Know Kasey Hummel

Kasey is about more than customer service. She’s a genuine client advocate. Always willing to go the extra mile, Kasey loves putting herself in her clients’ shoes and coming up with effective ways to solve problems, save time, and reduce headaches for everyone involved.

An excellent communicator, Kasey has a gift for taking complicated employee benefit issues and explaining them in a way that makes sense. She likes nothing more than creating valuable “Ah-ha!” moments of clarity for the lucky individuals and businesses she works with.

When Kasey isn’t at her desk, you can bet she’s soaking up the outdoors. Literally. From fishing to four-wheeling to all-out mudding, Kasey loves being right there in the thick of things. Need someone who isn’t afraid to dig in and get their hands dirty in search of a solution? Kasey is your kind of gal.

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